Reaching Higher

Transom windows sit above the normal windows or doors and are common in homes with high ceilings for projecting natural light into darker rooms. The light from these windows can sometimes be too intense and can also compromise privacy.


Choosing Stained Glass Transoms

If you find there is too much light coming from your transom windows, we can help. Installing custom designed stained glass in place of existing transoms creates a balance of privacy and light that can greatly improve your home.

To start our design process one of our designers will come out to your home to measure your windows. During the visit, your designer will bring images and glass samples so you can find exactly what your looking for. Since each one of our windows is custom designed we can modify your project to fit perfectly with your style and budget. Our designers are well versed in a wide variety of architectural and artistic styles, will work closely with you to create a look and feel that is tailored to your personal taste.

If you have questions about transom stained glass, or would like to set up an in home consultation, give Minneapolis stained glass a call today.