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Stained Glass windows from Minneapolis Stained Glass are designed to add value, beauty and privacy to any home, business, or place of worship. If your property is in need of a stylish update, a Stained Glass window installation may be the perfect solution for you.
Many of the areas in your home can benefit from the additional privacy and beauty that stained glass windows can bring. For example the bathroom is the place where privacy is paramount but natural light is also desired. This will be similar in the entryway where sidelight windows can leave homeowners vulnerable to unwanted viewers from the outside. The hallway and transom windows may face your neighbors homes and have ugly views. For those who love to party in the kitchen we have all sorts of solutions including cabinet doors, pantry doors and even stained glass ceilings.
Beveled and leaded stained glass windows have been a staple of classical and modern architecture since the 7th century CE. Though the practice of creating stained glass windows originated in ancient cathedrals, modern technology has evolved to allow us to create beautiful glass installations in any residential, commercial or religious context.

In keeping with this thousand-year-old tradition, Minneapolis Stained Glass builds hand-crafted windows that turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary experience utilizing the inherent beauty of natural light. Unlike the ancient stained glass crafters, however, our expert designers are skilled in a multitude of aesthetic styles that range from the classical antique cathedral styles; to simple, beveled, single pane pieces; to abstract, geometric pieces, reminiscent of modern masters of architecture like Frank Lloyd Wright.

No matter the style, size, or specifications of your home or business, Minneapolis Stained Glass is uniquely equipped to create a custom stained glass piece that will perfectly suit your needs.

We invite you to explore this site to preview the many contexts and style options we provide. For even more inspiration, you can check out some of the work that we have done over the past 25 years on our Portfolio Page. If you have any additional questions or would like to speak with one of our seasoned designers about getting the design process started, fill out the Contact Form on the bottom of any page, or visit our Contact Us page.


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