Divine Designs

Stained glass is the cornerstone of the classic architecture of holy places of many unique religious denominations. From the basilicas of ancient Rome, to modern neighborhood places of worship, colorful stained glass art pieces bring beauty and natural light into any hallowed space. Scottish Stained Glass experts have worked closely for the past 25 years with a wide variety of religious institutions to design and install stunning stained glass pieces both large and small in new and ancient religious sanctuaries.


Choosing Stained Glass for Religious Institutions

To begin the design process, one of our designers will set up an onsite meeting with the leaders of the facility. During this meeting your designer will show you the numerous options that are available for your facility.
Minneapolis Stained Glass has a multitude of resources available to ensure that all of the design specifications of your piece can be met. We have over 600 colors of glass and auto cad design professionals who specialize in designing and creating extremely intricate works of stained glass art. We can also provide custom, hand-painted stained glass pieces that are truly one of a kind.
Our designers will work closely with your facility leaders to create a plan that suits the budget of your organization.


Repair and Restoration

If you have a facility with existing stained glass that has broken glass, or bending lead lines, you can contact us for repair and restoration options or check out our repair and restorations page.

If your looking for new stained glass designs or if you have existing stained glass windows that are in need of repair, give Minneapolis Stained Glass a call today.