A Tasteful Addition

One of the most popular places for stained glass is the kitchen. Our custom glass designs add functional charm to not only kitchen windows, but also to doors and cabinets. As the epicenter of much of daily life, the kitchen is the perfect location for a classy stained glass upgrade.


Unique Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet stained glass can transform your kitchen and bring together your existing decor. All of our glasswork is completely custom so you know your kitchen cabinets will be unique.

Installing entirely new cabinet doors is unnecessary. In most cases, we are able to cut out the center of the cabinets and replace them with beautiful stained glass. The process is simple: we pick up your cabinet doors directly from your home, mount the new stained glass exteriors in place, and reinstall them in their original location.


Choosing Kitchen Stained Glass

A visit at your home from one of our stained glass designers starts our process. During the visit, your designer will bring images and glass samples to help you choose the look and feel that best suits your kitchen. Since all of our designs are custom you will get a design that not only fits your style, but also your budget. If you want to get started now on finding a style you like, take a look at our stained glass gallery or give us a call today.