Minneapolis Stained Glass Installation


Choosing the best installation method for your stained glass is easy with the experts at Minneapolis Stained Glass. All of our stained glass windows are installed with one or more panes of tempered glass. Our team can explain the options that are available for installing your stained glass in your home today.


Installation Methods

Since each install is unique, we have several installation methods to fit your unique needs:


  • Bonding Method: Bonding is the most common installation method for Minneapolis homes. By bonding your stained glass piece to an existing stained glass window, the stained glass will be protected from the outside elements. You will also be able to feel the stained glass texture from the inside.
  • Replacement single or double pane: Some homeowners have windows with broken panes. In these cases we offer the option for  a single or double replacement pane to be place in front of your new stained glass window.
  • Sealing the stained glass: For areas of your home with lots of moisture we offer a sealing method. We seal the stained glass between two tempered panes that protects it on either side, creating an airtight seal that is very easy to clean.


Our expert designers can help you come to the best installation decision for your unique home. Since all our work is custom and we have worked with all kinds of installers, this process is easy.


Minneapolis Stained Glass Installers

Minneapolis Stained Glass installers have worked with thousands of homeowners for more than 20 years. We work quickly and efficiently so you can start enjoying your new stained glass immediately after installation.
If you have any questions about the installation process or would like someone to visit your home in regards to a unique install situation, we are available anytime to answer any questions you might have.