Frank Lloyd Wright

In the Tradition of a Modern Master

Frank Lloyd Wright is a designer / architect known for his distinctly modern styles. His designs consisted of geometric shapes, earth tones, and often incorporated stained glass into his home and building designs.

Clients at Minneapolis Stained Glass often request Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs. We can create custom designed stained glass that mimics this style for various applications in your home.


Choosing Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass

Our Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs are a perfect fit for contemporary homes. Aesthetic features of the Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass include:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Abstract designs
  • Earth tones
  • Small splashes of color
  • Intricate, multi-faceted designs

Each of our designs at Minneapolis Stained Glass is custom. This means that if you find a piece or style you want, we can recreate that piece or style to better fit your specific application.

At the beginning of our process we send out one of our expert designers with photos and glass samples to design the perfect window for your home. We invite you to explore some of our previous Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass installations for inspiration.

If you have questions about our Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass style, or if you would like to start the initial design process, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.