Design Process

Minneapolis Stained Glass Design Process




Regardless of the kind of stained glass window you are looking for, Minneapolis Stained Glass can help you get exactly what you want. Since all of our designs are custom you will end up with a design that will fit your individual style and needs and will be loved for years to come.

The Stained Glass Design Process

Our design process starts with an initial in-home consultation by one of our expert designers. Our experienced designers will make this an enjoyable process that will help you come to a design solution.
At the consultation we will cover:
  • Measurements:

    We start by measuring your windows to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Design:

    By looking at photos and glass samples, you can get an idea of what styles you like and our designer can sketch out design ideas.

  • Installation:

    Since there are several installation options, your designer will discuss which one will work best for your specific project.

  • Pricing:

    Since all our work is custom your designer can incorporate a design that will perfectly fit your budget.

Your designer will bring lots of photos as well as glass samples, so you have a strong idea of what is available as far as designs and glass.
Before your initial consultation you can browse our photo gallery to get an idea of what styles you like. Considering everything we do is custom, we can mimic a certain style or design something that is completely unique.


Minneapolis Stained Glass Experts

If you have questions regarding our design process, or if you are ready to set up your initial consultation, give Minneapolis Stained Glass a call today.