Privacy for your Personal Space

Bathrooms are a logical place for a stained glass window, allowing for natural light without sacrificing your personal privacy. Curtains in bathrooms can be bulky and run the risk of getting wet, especially if they are near a shower or bathtub. Installing stained glass windows in your home can give you the privacy you desire without losing natural light.


Choosing Bathroom Stained Glass

If you have experienced bathroom privacy and lighting issues in your bathroom then leaded stained glass is the perfect solution. Our custom stained glass windows are engineered to suit your individual needs for light and privacy, as well as your personal tastes.

As a general practice, we recommend that clients choose the triple-paned glass solution for Bathroom window installations. This type of window provides extra insulation, is easy to clean, and prevents the buildup of damaging moisture. At your private consultation, one of our professional glass designers will help you to choose the window design and specifications that are right for your individual needs. With over 20 years of stained glass experience we have served clients with a wide variety of aesthetic preferences and will work with you to create a design that is uniquely suited to your space.
If you would like to get started on some bathroom stained glass designs, give us a call to set up an in home design consultation.