New Vintage and Restoration

Vintage stained glass never goes out of style. Whether you are looking to complement the classic architecture of your home, add an antique touch to a new home, or revitalize an already existing stained glass installment in your space, Minneapolis Stained Glass has the right solution for you.


Antique and Classic Styles

If you love the look of antique stained glass and would like to incorporate it in the windows and doors of your home, our glass experts can create a custom glass installation with the perfect vintage touch. We work closely with our clients to design new stained glass with a traditional flair that is as beautiful and unique as the classics themselves.


Antique Stained Glass Restoration

Preserving the value and character of antique stained glass pieces is something we have been doing for over 20 years. Martin Faith, the owner of Minneapolis Stained Glass has salvaged hundreds of antique windows from Scotland. Our team has restored thousands of antique stained glass windows over the years.
If you have an antique window that needs replacement glass, we can match it to the original glass. If the lead in your windows is broken, bending or worn, we can add new lead to increase the life of the window. Click here to learn more about this restoration process.

We can often give you a restoration quote simply by looking at photos of your antique stained glass piece. If you would like to have someone take a look at your existing stained glass for repair, or would like to get started on a new antique stained glass piece, give us a call today.