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Minneapolis Stained Glass is the Minneapolis branch of Scottish Stained Glass, a stained glass company founded by Martin Faith over 20 years ago. Having installed over 40 thousand windows, you can be assured your stained glass project is in good hands.
Martin Faith and his team have grown into the largest and leading stained glass studio of our kind in the country. Striving for satisfied happy customers, our experience and dedication have been recognized on various national outlets like CBS, NBC, an d the HGTV channel.


High Quality Stained Glass Windows

Our commitment to the highest quality stained glass windows has made our company stand out. Our unique stained glass process is a superior to other studio and if you compare us to others, you will see a huge difference in quality. Before coming to the US Martin Faith was taught the traditional methods of building stained glass.
By combining traditional and modern methods for building stained glass we are able to build stronger, lower maintenance windows. Traditional glass construction methods don’t allow for easy maintenance and care. Today’s methods of building stained glass make it easier for it to last for ever, as long as its not forcefully broken.
All of our expert builders have  a high level of training and have built thousands of stained glass windows over the years. Your windows are no different and you can expect the same quality out of your stained glass project.
All of our windows are locally custom built to your windows specific dimensions. The quality of window you get will far surpass anything you could buy from a chain home improvement store. Your windows will be hand built close to your home since we have builders all over the state of Minnesota. Our stained glass process yields happy, satisfied customers every time and we are excited to get started on your stained glass project.


Minneapolis Stained Glass Windows

If you would like to find out more about the stained glass process or would like to get started with an in home consultation, we would love to hear from you today.