Transom stained glass designs

In Minneapolis, transom stained glass can make a huge impact in a room. Transom windows are a great design feature that can let in a lot more light to a room. They give any room a unique appearance. Our clients like to take full advantage of this terrific architectural detail by adding stained glass to their transom windows.

For homeowners in Minneapolis, transom stained glass does not have to be any particular design or style. It can be custom made to their specifications and tastes. A popular choice is leaded and beveled stained glass designs. This style will still let in light, allowing the transoms to fulfill their original function, and with the beveled glass, it will refract that light into beautiful prisms of rainbow colors.

For people living in high rises in Minneapolis, transom stained glass can also add privacy. After all, no one wants the people in the next high rise being able to see through their windows.
We work one on one with each client to create custom transom stained glass designs. One client might prefer a traditional pattern, another a cool geometric, and yet another might want a floral design or even something like a Celtic knot. That is the beauty of Minneapolis transom stained glass: it isn’t just one style. It can be just about any style you like.

To get some ideas, click here to view our transom stained glass photo gallery. Minneapolis, transom stained glass might be just the thing to take a room to a whole new level of style and fabulousness.


For homeowners in Minneapolis, transom stained glass is most frequently found in the home’s entryway, above the front door. This is a traditional spot to find a transom window. These non-functioning windows are sometimes rectangular, sometimes half moon shaped, sometimes even a complete circle or diamond shape. We can design, build, and install custom stained glass into any transom window, any size and any shape.

Do you have transom windows in your Minneapolis home? If so, Minneapolis, transom stained glass is definitely going to turn that room into a show stopper. It’s unusual, unique, beautiful, striking, and adds great value to your home.

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Minneapolis, transom stained glass in custom designs is too good to pass up. We would love to show you how amazing our stained glass designs can look in your home. Why not contact us today?