Add new light to your entryway

Here at Minneapolis Stained Glass, entryways are some of our most popular custom commissions. The reasons for this are simple. We’ll start with aesthetic beauty, of course. A stained glass entryway is gorgeous and it says class, great taste, and elegance to everyone who sees it. If you are looking to make an incredible first impression for anyone visiting your home in Minneapolis, entryway stained glass is definitely the way to do it.

But there are other, just as compelling reasons to add stained glass to the sidelights, the front door, even the transom window in your entryway.

Many entryways are dark on the inside. They might open into a small foyer, or a dark hallway without windows. To compound the problem, people like privacy in their entryways, so they will cover the sidelights with paper or even a piece of cloth. This just makes the interior darker, and does nothing to enhance the home’s value or beauty. For these kinds of homes in Minneapolis, entryway stained glass adds that much desired privacy in the most stunning way imaginable. It also allows the light to come through. If you had something covering your sidelights, you will have more light once you take down those coverings and add stained glass.

For customers in Minneapolis, entryway stained glass is usually, but not always, crafted out of colorless frosted glass, mixed with beveled glass to catch and refract the light in beautiful ways.


So, entryway stained glass adds beauty, value, more light, and more privacy to a home! And the best part is that all of our entryway stained glass is custom designed to YOUR tastes and your specifications. That means you can have antique style entryway stained glass, contemporary style entryway stained glass, floral patterns, geometrics, Art Nouveau, Celtic, and on and on.

Click here to see some of the nationwide and Minneapolis entryway stained glass windows we have custom designed and hand crafted for our delighted clients in the past twenty or so years. If you are looking for more light in your entryway, you might also want to consider having stained glass added to your front door, in one or more inserts, along with the sidelights. You might have noticed how much more light those entryways are letting in, as compared with only the sidelights done in stained glass.

For more information about Minneapolis entryway stained glass, we hope that you will decide to give us a call, or contact us through our online form. We’d love to set up your in-home, no-cost initial design consultation and show you how to take your entryway from adequate to spectacular.