Transform your kitchen cabinets

Are you looking to modernize your kitchen? Give it an updated, transformed look for less? Take it from perfectly functional to perfect? Kitchen stained glass, Minneapolis stained glass lovers know, is the fastest and most gorgeous way to transform a kitchen, short of a pricey and time consuming and inconvenient full kitchen makeover.

When we mention kitchen stained glass to Minneapolis clients, they immediately assume they are talking about the kitchen windows. And while adding a stained glass window can definitely class up a kitchen and add interest and style, when it comes to transformation, we’re talking about a whole different place to put the custom stained glass: your kitchen cabinet doors!

Let’s face it, just about every single kitchen comes fully equipped with ugly basic brown wood cabinets. And even if they were gorgeous to begin with, over time they simply start to look worn, dated, not very fresh. Of course, you could strip them down and refinish them. You could get all new hardware. You could even paint them another color entirely. Or, you could add stained glass inserts to your kitchen cabinet doors. Kitchen stained glass, Minneapolis customers now know, is not just about the windows.

Doors have always been a phenomenal place to add glass. It makes the kitchen appear larger, more open and more airy. But with our custom designed and hand crafted kitchen stained glass, Minneapolis homeowners have the chance to take it a big step further. Kitchen cabinet stained glass will make the whole kitchen look updated, modern, gorgeous, one of a kind, and very very chic.


So what kind stained glass would you put in your kitchen cabinet doors? Many Minneapolis clients prefer either clear glass with some colored bits, or frosted and beveled glass. But since when it comes to kitchen stained glass, Minneapolis Stained Glass does each and every window custom to each and every client’s tastes and specifications, it really can be anything at all. Brightly colored. Singly colored. Colorless. The same pattern in each window. A different pattern, creating a mural-like effect that stretches across the cabinet doors. Whatever YOU want!

Click here to see some of the kitchen stained glass Minneapolis customers and other customers around the country have commissioned from us in the past twenty years.

Whether you want to add stained glass to your kitchen windows, your kitchen cabinets, or in other areas of your kitchen like your pantry door or your patio door, you can rest assured that the effect will be nothing less than gorgeous.

For more information about kitchen stained glass, Minneapolis, St. Paul, or any of the surrounding suburbs and towns, please contact us today at Minneapolis Stained Glass.