Stained glass in your favorite style

With the installation of custom designed Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass, Minneapolis residents get to have a taste of that iconic designer’s brilliance and style in their homes. Many of our Minneapolis clients are big admirers of Frank Lloyd Wright and frankly, we couldn’t agree more.

Did you know that this architect not only designed the building’s structure but the inner furnishings, art work, and stained glass windows as well? He called these beautiful windows “light screens.” They were done in what is known as the Mission style, which is usually associated with Mr. Wright.

For those not familiar with the work of Mr. Wright, here is a very brief bio: Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 –1959) was an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator. Five hundred and thirty two buildings of his original designs were actually built and completed. Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect for 70 years but was recognized in 1991, well after his death, by the American Institute of Architects as “the greatest American architect of all time.”

Along with offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, and museums, Wright also designed many of the interior elements of his buildings and wrote 20 books. He was a popular lecturer in the United States and in Europe.


When it comes to Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass, Minneapolis residents have quite an advantage. We are well versed in his style and can create beautiful custom designed windows, doors, or other panels based on and inspired by his style. They are not exact copies of any of his work but windows done in the Frank Lloyd Wright style.

The style consists of elegant, detailed geometric patterns, frequently using mostly clear or frosted colorless glass with pops of earth toned glass integrated into the patterns. Click here to see some of our Mission Style stained glass windows, which bring the look of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass to Minneapolis homes and offices. Click on any thumbnail to see an enlargement showing the detailed workmanship in these stunning windows.

We would say that Frank Lloyd Wright left the world a wonderful legacy. With Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass, Minneapolis fans can add a bit of that legacy into their own homes. If you are looking for more information or a quote for some custom designed and hand crafted Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass, Minneapolis Stained Glass would love to talk to you. We can set up an appointment between you and one of our local designers to discuss ideas, look at photos and sketches, and create the stained glass window designs you have always wanted.

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